What and Who is ETB4U / Een Tilburg Begrip?

What is ETB4U ?

ETB4U is an abbreviation for Een Tilburgs Begrip for you. ETB4U is a foundation with the aim of bringing people together by sport, recreation, education and work, so that we get more understanding of each other in this hectic society. We also support charities at homeland and abroad such as orphanages elderly people in need and sometimes also animal projects, because only is only and together we are strong.

Who is ETB4U ?

ETB4U is a foundation consisting of a board of employees and volunteers. The foundation can continue to exist by generating income from work and sales, also through donations from companies and individuals. We also work with labor reintegration agencies to put people who have dropped out at work back on the labor market. As mentioned earlier, we cannot do anything but together we are strong. So we also need your support, and if you have the opportunity to donate or help our foundation to help other people.

Where is ETB4U ?

ETB4U is currently based in Tilburg where we want to offer a home to labor migrants, in particular Polish and Romanian people, by giving them a warm heart so that they feel more at home and can make contact with others. activities and while enjoying a snack and drink. Ultimately we hope that our message will be spread and that other cities will follow after Tilburg and we will develop into an organization that can help and support people in need everywhere. So people … connect because …TOGETHER WE ARE STRONG !